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Rhododendron Vase green

Rhododendron vase green
Material: peat, Rhododendron leafs and oilpaint
Size: 90 x 50 cm

This vase is part of the Pantanal series.

Fuscum vase

Material: peat and oilpaint
Size: 50 x 60 cm

Green vase

Fungi vase 2 top view
Material: peat, oilpaint and waste glass
Size: 35 x Ø17 cm

Mummia vaas

Materiaal: turf, glas en olieverf
Hoort ook bij het project ‘hergebruik van glas met turf’

Material: peat, glass and oilpaint
Also from the project ‘reuse of glass’.

Collar neck bottle

PO 033 Collar neck vase
from the Peatladon collectie
Matereial: peat, waste glass and oilpaint
Size: 26 x Ø13 cm

Peatladon vazen

Collectie Peatladon
Materiaal: turf, (glas) en olieverf
Schap: turf en hout

Collection Peatladon vases
Material: peat, (glass) and oilpaint.
Shelf: peat and wood

detail Green Vase

PO 029 detail of the Fungi vase 2
material: peat, waste glass and oilpaint

Fungi Vase 2

PO 029 Fungi Vase 2
from the ‘waste glass project’ and the exhibition ‘Fungi, the world wide web’
Material: peat, waste glass and oilpaint
Size: 35 x Ø17 cm