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Bracket fungus

Bracket fungus 2018
Material: peat, wood and oilpaint
Size: 12,5h  x 35w  x 14d

From the collection:  World Wide Web

top view:

funghi vase 1

Twisted vase 1
Material: peat and glass
Size: 23 h x Ø 21

part of the ‘waste glass-project’

Contour vase blue

Coutour vase blue
Material: peat and oilpaint
Size: 45 h x 25 w x 11 d


Little vase

PO 019 Little vase
Material: peat and gold paint
Size: 92 x Ø17 cm

Fertility vase

PO 018 Fertility vase
From the exhibition ‘Dreamtime’
Material: peat and oilpaint
Size: 48 x 28 x 30 cm

Cracle vase

Cracle vase
Material:n peat
Size: 36 x Ø43 cm

Circle of Life

PO 015 Circle of Life
Material: peat, iron frame and gold paint
Size: 70x60x10 cm

Primal Pot


Primal pot  exist only out of peat.
Size: 38 x Ø 45

From the collection Dreamtime

Circle of Life

Circle of Life 2015

From the collection “Dreamtime”

Material: Peat on metal frame and goldpaint