Mummia regen | Dioni ten Busschen
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Mummia regen

Mummia rain 2020
Part of the exhibition ‘Mummia, driven by uncertainty’
Installation: a circle of little pieces ( more than 800 pieces) of coloured peat which looks like little pieces of bogsbodies. In the middle a little peat vase with Mummia on it. Mummia was a powder of ground bogbodies you could realy get in the pharmacies in the last century. It sound rediculous but don’t we, human beings, do such things nowadays? Think of the ground horns of the hippo’s! Some people still have the belief this powder gives them extra strenght. Superstition is not always harmless, it kills a lot of innocent animals. And for the Mummia powder also a lot of innocent people were killed. In this installions I show how many bogbodies you need for a small bottle of powder!
Size: wide 250 x 450 cm



September 16, 2021